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Banktables Overview

Banktables is not merely a tool, but a game-changer in the way you will manage your finance! Whether an individual, freelancer, a business owner or part of a finance team, you can now interact and manage your financial data within Coda! Here are the remarkable benefits awaiting you with this pack:
Seamless Synchronisation: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual data entry. Banktables automates the syncing of your bank transactions, account details, and balances directly into a Coda table, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.
Centralised Financial Management: Merge insights from multiple banking portals into one unified view within Coda. Banktables eradicates the need for toggling between different platforms, thus streamlining your financial management process.
Personalised Financial Tracking: Tailor your financial tracking system by creating custom budget trackers, insightful dashboards, or collaborative finance apps to suit your specific needs, all within a user-friendly interface.
Real-Time Financial Insights: With real-time data updates, gain a dynamic understanding of your financial standing, empowering you to make informed, timely decisions.
Customisable Tables: Customisable tables, add attachments, formulate calculations, and structure your financial data in a way that serves your operations optimally. This feature enables a level of adaptability and functionality that is essential for managing a growing businesses, or personal financial portfolio efficiently.
Enhanced Security: In addition to adhering with Open Banking security standards via the GoCardless Bank Data API, Banktables offers a two-stage email verification process, ensuring a secure connection between your banking data and Coda, offering peace of mind as you manage your finances.
Unleash Creativity: The flexibility of Banktables lays the foundation for exploring endless possibilities in managing finances. Craft powerful docs or develop ingenious apps tailored to your financial narrative, propelling your financial management to new heights.
Ease of Use: With a straightforward setup process and an intuitive user interface, embarking on a simplified yet innovative financial management journey is a breeze.
By integrating Banktables, you're stepping into a realm where financial management is intuitive, insightful, and perfectly aligned with your unique needs. The journey towards achieving unparalleled financial clarity, fostering innovation, and building a robust financial infrastructure for your venture begins here with Banktables!
Banktables provides a seamless intergration with the GoCardless Bank Data API.

Supported Countries

Please check if your country and bank is supported before continuing:

Set up Banktables with Our App

In order to connect your banking data to Banktables, the first thing you need to do is .
Once the pack is installed, please scan the below QR code below (for the best experience), or to signup to our companion app. You will then be redirected to our app, follow the on screen instructions to start a 14 day free trail via Stripe and connect your first account!
Once you’ve started your free trial you’ll be redirected to the welcome screen:
Click Connect Accounts to connect your first bank. You’ll be asked to select your country:
You can then search and select your bank:
Next you’ll be redirect to the GoCardless portal to begin connecting your chosen bank. GoCardless will redirect you to your banks portal to complete the set up process:
Once complete you will be able to view and manage your connected accounts in the app. To sync with Coda, complete the below steps:

Note: Complete the above steps before verifying your email in to see data in your synced tables

Verify your email

Before you can start syncing your accounts with Coda, you will need to confirm your email address via Coda. Please ensure you use the same email address you’ve use to sign up via our app. Note that there is a 2 stage email verification process. Once via the app, and once via Coda for added security.
To verify your email address for use in Coda, from the Banktables pack, drag the below formula into a doc, right click and enter your email address, ensuring you encapsulate it in double quotes (””):
Once you’ve entered your email, you will receive a verification code. You can then enter this code under the settings for your sync tables. You can use the same code for multiple tables:

Set up complete!

That’s it! You can now sync your accounts, balances and transactions to Coda!

Subscription Management

you can manage your free trial and subscription at anytime via Stripe, accessible via the app. Simply click Manage Subscription to be redirected to our Stripe customer portal:

Transaction History

Where available, Banktables will request to sync 180 days of transaction history, most banks support this, however some will not. In the case where your bank does not support 180 days, it will default to 90 days.
It is worth noting that Coda will remove rows from you tables that are no longer synced. To avoid losing historic transactions, you should enable “KEEP UN-SYNCED ROWS” under the advanced table settings.

Supported Banks

Banktables supports over 2600 banks via the GoCardless API. A full list of supported banks can be found

Features Request and Bug Tracking

If you would like to request a new feature or report a bug, please .

Privacy & Security

Banktables uses GoCardless to connect to your banks. This third party handles the account connection process and doesn't allow the app or pack to see or store your log in credentials. Your financial data will flow directly to Coda. No transactions, holdings or balances will be stored in any of our databases.

Payment Handling

Banktables uses Stripe to handle and process all payments.
Data stored by email, first name, last name.

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Stirling, Scotland, UK
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